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Opening a business in Macedonia

Start your business in Macedonia fast and easy

Opening a business


We are giving you the opportunity to open your business in Macedonia in just 24 hours. As an accounting office, we take care of all legal and administrative work when it comes to this procedure.

Your business should not wait! Our team is dedicated to set you free from all the administrative work, so you can just focus on developing your business idea.

What documentation is needed in order to open a company in Macedonia?

  • ID card number
  • Founding deposit of 5000 euros (cash or inventory)
  • Type of business
  • Whether the business will have a subsidiary
  • Cash register
  • Choosing a bank for opening an account
  • Tax registration
  • Official stamp of the company


The accounting office Aleksandar-AK is a quality partner for your business. With experience of 22 years, we can assure you we will be your financial architect. With our knowledge and constant education of our staff, monitoring ever-changing regulations and global finance requirements, we can be a valuable ally in your expansion.

For your needs, we can provide you a complete accounting solution, tax consultation, salary management, advice in opening a business, as well as legal and financial consulting.

You are just a call away from our staff, which can explain you in detail about all the information needed for opening a business. We can give you the big picture for all expenses waiting for you, starting from the launching the company, and continuing with its further development.

How can I open a business in Macedonia?

Opening business MK

You have surely asked this question to yourself at least once – Should I start my own business? However, you always imagined this process as being complex.

Let us show you that it is much easier that you are anticipating. If you have a desire to launch something on your own, you can work on achieving your dreams, starting today! In this post we are exploring how you can open your company in Macedonia.