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Preparing and managing salaries

Preparing and managing salaries

Salary management
Salary invoice


Our team is taking care of your employees’ salaries. We execute the whole process – from applying to realization. In the end, we make sure that the salaries of your employees are delivered before the end of the month.

This is one of the most important services for a client who manages a business. The preparation of the salaries is being done by a specialized accountant in our team.


Decreasing the costs of doing salaries is always an important task in every company. That is what a management of salaries is all about, and we are also specialized in this field.

We can offer advice about how you can get tax conveniences connected to recruitment of different categories of unemployment people. Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of the government programs in Macedonia about increasing the employment can often be a key part of your successful growth – both in your finances and your staff.