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About us

Aleksandar AK Office
About Aleksandar AK

About our company

The story of Aleksandar-AK starts back in year 1999. Our first steps introduced us as a small accounting office in Macedonia, focused on local and small businesses. In the next few years, we already managed to move the limits of our craft, and in the same time, our services expanded towards bigger Macedonian and international companies, while we specialized into VAT accounting and tax consulting.

Today, Aleksandar-AK can fully answer the market demand as a complete solution for your business. We can represent you as your financial architect! For your needs, we can provide a complete accounting solution, tax consulting, salary management, billing, help and consultation about opening a business, financial consulting, as well as legal help and services. 

Over 300 businesses are part of our family.

Join our story and build your business together with us! Grow and expand your business without any worries about your finances and administrative procedures.

With your business in our hands, the only thing left is – you continue achieving your ideas and plans.

Our mission:
Bringing the best financial care for our clients.

Our vision:
To build a company where the client gets the highest level of expertise and feels safe while doing the business.


What are our advantages? Why should you choose us?

  1. We have a 22 years of working experience, with a stable and specialized team into the field of business and accounting.
  2. In the past 22 years, we got the trust from more than 300 clients, which is a guarantee for our professional service.
  3. Specialized for managing all kinds of businesses, no matter the size or the industry.
  4. Outsource services for consulting and accounting. We can offer digitally all of our services and support needed for your business.
  5. We offer additional consulting services for your business, where you are informed in detail for all legal, political and environmental changes.
My daily work with our local and international clients, makes me feel part of their business. Working in Aleksandar-AK is everyday challenge.

Mirjana Kachakovska


Donka Stojkova

Calculating over 1000 salaries monthly, paperwork for health insurance for our customers and their employees are my day tasks in Aleksandar-AK accounting office.

Hristina Angelovska


Focus on your business

22 years of experience with more than 300 satisfied local and international clients are guarantee for our quality work. We cover your business in every possible way. Let us take care of everything related to your finances, so you can take care of growing your business.

We are bringing high value

We are specialized for all types of businesses, and we offer consulting services which will give additional value for your company. As an accounting office, we are sophisticated to give you the best support which can help you expand your business.