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Administrative services

Need a help with administrative services?

Administrative services
AK Office
Administrative folder


In our administrative services packages, we provide you with preparing invoices, consultation for taxes, preparing salaries, financial reports, as well as cost benefit analysis. We can help you in all of the fields possible:

  • Advice for making invoices, memoranda, delivery notes, and other documents
  • Help with all of the reports (daily financial report, employees’ record, warehousing, etc.)
  • Organization of the documentation’s flow in the company
  • Expert help with the organization of inventory

Also, we can offer you with legal advice in the following fields:

  • Check in and check out of employees in the Employment Service Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia
  • Help with challenges connected to the company’s staff
  • Help with the contracts for employees and collaborators
  • Trade intermediation
  • Franchises
  • Rental of real estate, machines, equipment


We offer help with the bank operations needed for smooth and uninterrupted work of the business.

  • Foreign currencies
  • Making reports for the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia
  • Help with the Payment system

Our experience will help you choose the right commercial bank as your collaborator.