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Macedonian taxes

Everything you need to know about taxes in North Macedonia

Taxes represent the mandatory financial charge of taxpayers, composed by citizens and companies of a certain country. Through the revenues achieved from the taxes, public and common needs in that country are being satisfied.

Like in a lot of countries, taxes are also the primary source for funding the government spending in North Macedonia. Over 80% from the total Macedonian state budget is based on collecting taxes from taxpayers.

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Business North Macedonia

How can I start a business in North Macedonia?

North Macedonia is one of the most emerging countries in Southeastern Europe. Gaining independence in 1991 from Yugoslavia, it had quite the challenge to transform itself from being a planned economy, to an open market.

Nowadays, as a NATO member and EU candidate, North Macedonia offers a lot of opportunities when it comes to new businesses investing in the country.

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Business in Macedonia

I want to open a business in Macedonia. How can I start?

You have surely asked this question to yourself at least once – Should I start my own business? However, you always imagined this process as being complex.

Let us show you that it is much easier that you are anticipating. If you have a desire to launch something on your own, you can work on achieving your dreams, starting today! In this post we are exploring how you can open your company in Macedonia.

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Right accountant

How can I choose the right accounting office for my needs?

One of the most important decisions to make when it comes to starting a business (as well as for growing companies) is the choice of the right accountant, or the right accounting office. Even though it seems like a simple job, have in mind that your company’s financial health will depend on that selection.

A good accountant can help your business grow and take a proper care of your budget, while a bad choice will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

What are the most frequently asked questions when you make a decision about your accountant?


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