One of the most important decisions to make when it comes to starting a business (as well as for growing companies) is the choice of the right accountant, or the right accounting office. Even though it seems like a simple job, have in mind that your company’s financial health will depend on that selection.

A good accountant can help your business grow and take a proper care of your budget, while a bad choice will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

What are the most frequently asked questions when you make a decision about your accountant?


Treat your accountant as your employee

Finding the right person to take care of your finances, is as important as growing your internal team of employees. Therefore, the accountant should be perceived as a part of your team.

When making the decision, you should not try to find the person who will just take care of your invoices, but the one which will be your business and financial partner. One key point is that the accountant should bring additional value to your company, which you can monetize.


Adequate accounting for your industry

Always be careful that the chosen accountant should have the right skills for your industry, as well as expertise in the business you want to work into. It is a must that the accountant should already have practical knowledge with similar businesses who have already gone through cycles that you haven’t experienced yet.

Does your accountant have knowledge for launching small businesses? Maybe you need expertise with managing macro companies?

These answers are certainly needed, so the accountant can professionally answer the needs for support of the company.


Ask the real questions

It is really important to have an authorized and licensed accounting office for the work it is doing. Pay pay attention of whether it is regulated by a professional independent body.

Ask the real questions for your potential accountant. As said earlier, the invoices and the balance sheet are just a small part of the overall work.

A quality accountant will always be up to date with the market standings, new measures from the government institutions, possibilities for grant applications, tax incentives, as well as a lot of other business conveniences which can occur.


Availably and communication

A good support is always one of the key advantages a service can offer, and accounting is not any different.

Ask your potential accountant about how the communication between both of you will be performed – whether by phone or email, and in what times.

The regular communication is significant for a quality and fluid execution of all processes. That way, all potential problems can be detected in a timely manner.


Performance measurement

After you choose the perfect accounting representative for you, measuring the performance is a constant process. A good practice is to do constant meetings, so you can sublimate all the results and check the overall business and financial picture of the company.

This kind of communication will bring a clearer vision of how your company operates, and it will bring new challenges for implementing new ideas for furthermore expansion.


Why is Aleksandar-AK the ideal accounting office for your business?

Aleksandar-AK as an accounting office was opened in 1999, and with 22 years of experience, we now operate more than 350 local and international companies. Our mission is to develop a strong relationship with every one of our clients, based on trust and confidence.

Our main goal is having satisfied customers, and we constantly invest in digitalization which increases our efficiency and information availability.

We provide a complete solution for your business. You do not need to worry anymore about administrative service and invoices. Our team is dedicated to provide you the best service possible. Now, you can really focus on developing and realizing your business ideas.

Do you want Aleksandar-AK to be your accounting office to your business in Macedonia? Make a calculation for your business, and we will contact you immediately.